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Bracelet – March


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Since medieval times people attributed positve power to specified gemstones. These wonderful stones were worn close to the body as a piece of jewelry to protect and spread their healing energies.

This tradition still endures with a particular gemstone assigned to each month of the year, so called ‚birthstone’.  Today these birthstones are worn as a lucky charm and constant companion.

Each month’s birthstone has a unique meaning and spreads ist positive energy to the one who wears it close to the heart.

The aquamarine is the gemstone for all everyone who was born in march. Its power stands for


By wearing this bracelet you always carry your individual birthstone close to you. You can also chose the birthstone of a person very close to you to express your special bond.

Each bracelet is handcrafted with a lot of passion and love by a team of qualified goldsmiths in our atelier in Hamburg.

The bracelet with the birthstone aquamarine is beautifully wrapped. It makes a perfect gift to treat yourself or somenone special.

  • High quality strap, thickness 0,8 mm, different colours
  • Silver parts: 925er Sterling silver, nickel-free
  • Pearl: smoothed aquamarine, diameter: 6 mm
  • Clasp: 2 adjustable knots, flexible size

Suited for permanent wearing, waterproof

Approximate length of the bracelet:
Woman: 15-20 cm
Men: 17-23 cm